New HB Restaurant Asks Us NOT To Visit Just Yet

Yes, that's right. Zimzala, which finally opens today, as does the Shorebreak, the Huntington Beach hotel it's located in, doesn't want reviewers such as myself to visit for a "couple of weeks".

Which to me implies that it's not ready, despite having its grand opening earlier today.

But presumably it's okay for lowly non-reviewing citizens to turn up, eat and pay with their hard-earned cash?

I know a restaurant is going to be flat out in its first fortnight (hopefully, anyway), but it's going to be busy with diners who have been awaiting its opening with baited breath, who may have been saving up for ages to be able to afford a splurge there, and who are the very people who pay the wages of the staff employed there!

A new hotel/restaurant is good news, and this one looks like it could be noteworthy (CLICK HERE for my earlier post), but it's a shame it's getting things off to a bad start. As it stands, we're left with a bad taste in our mouth before we've even visited.

Either you're ready to open--for EVERYONE--or you're not, and you should wait till you are.

We're not necessarily expecting perfection, but we are expecting integrity.

Update: Natch, Zimzala insists that it is ready and that it'll be delighted to host us all. Now.


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