New Frozen Custard and Italian Ice Shop Opens In Costa Mesa

Maybe right now isn't quite the kind of weather for frozen dessert confections; but hey, at least it isn't frozen yogurt.

A new ice cream shop called Confetti shuns those self-serve spigots we've all gotten tired of in favor of frozen custard and Italian Ice, those real-fruit-based scoopable slush that's not quite sherbet or sorbet, because, well, it's Italian ice. You may be already familiar with the substance if you are, like me, a regular at Joe's Italian Ice in Anaheim and Frostbites in Cypress.

Confetti debuted last week in the same plaza as Ramen Yamadaya in Costa Mesa...which is perfect: Scald your tongue with hot ramen soup; then quench it frozen at this place.

1175 Baker St, Suite E-22, Costa Mesa, (714) 545-1175

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