New Fish Grill Opens in Irvine; Replaces Shuttered Jalapenos

New Fish Grill Opens in Irvine; Replaces Shuttered Jalapenos
Anne Marie Panoringan

A few months ago, Fish-O-Licious, an independent California Fish Grill aspirant closed in Fountain Valey. No one blinked. It was a very good restaurant that did its best, but for whatever reason, it wasn't enough. Chasing the success of the California Fish Grill chain has been something of a white whale to some entrepreneurs. Does anyone remember the ill-fated Fish Grill Factory in Santa Ana?

As Anne Marie teased a few weeks ago, now there's another contender in Irvine. Oceanic Fish Grill serves fish tacos, kabobs, fish both fried and grilled. According to their website the prices range from $8-$14, the sweet spot of all California Fish Grill clones. It opened in Irvine at 6404 Irvine Blvd. this weekend where Jalapenos used to be.

So to them we say good luck! And happy fishing.

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