New Bruery Tasting Room Opens TODAY!
Anne Marie Panoringan

New Bruery Tasting Room Opens TODAY!

For those avoiding the traffic this hump day holiday, may we suggest cooling off in Placentia. Why? There's upwards of 40 reasons, and they all taste like beer.

The need to expand was inevitable-- especially after four years of growing success. Fortunately, The Bruery's landlord was on board with the expansion from the beginning. The tasting room is minimalist, with modest counter tops and seating around the perimeter.

Marketing director Ben Weiss led behind-the-scenes tours over the weekend for those not busy sampling Loakal Red. We saw the bottling area for sour/non-sour beers and admired their full-time lab technician's work area (lucky gal!). We liked that they sample the beer roughly 15 times during the brewing process to be able to pinpoint where inconsistencies take place, if any. With 40(!) draft handles available, Ben hinted at trusting local brewers with access to experiment with some of their own ideas.

The socializing begins at noon in the new, air-conditioned tasting room; It's literally around the corner from The Bruery's original watering hole, which closed on Sunday. If you're getting nostalgic for the old space, there's no need. Designers built out the room with massive picture windows for a constant reminder of where your brew is coming from. Regular weekday hours will be from 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday; Friday starting at 2 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, doors open at noon. Closing time each day is 10 p.m. For a list of their beers on tap, you can learn more on their website. We prefer their Oude Tart, but only after the initial Sour Patch taste.

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