New Bar in Downtown Santa Ana: The Copper Door

Not the Copper Door's logo, but just a copper door...
Not the Copper Door's logo, but just a copper door...

Ate dinner at the Crosby last night, and a source told me that the old Broadway Billiards in downtown SanTana was now a hip, new bar: the Copper Door (not to be confused with the one in New York). And then, there was this tweet from the city's mysterious Ben Dayhoe: "Checked out "The Copper Door" (new bar) in downtown the other night-since when did Santa Ana become so cosmopolitan?!"

Not much info on it right now, and I was too besotted with Manhattans to stumble down Broadway to check out the Copper Door, but here's

their beer license

. It lists a Davin and Marta Gumm as the people behind it--the same couple behind

The Vintage Collective

. Fascinating...I'm also hearing The Copper Door will open this weekend, at least as a test run, to catch the crowds of the Artists Village's First Saturday art walk. Let us know what goes on,



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