New Argentine-Mexican Restaurant Open in Downtown Santa Ana

Not the restaurant's logo
Not the restaurant's logo

I once really liked a brilliant Argentine chick, and I know she liked me as well. But it wasn't meant to be, mainly because I was/am so clueless to matters of the heart that I blew it. My current chica once dated an Argentine guy, and that obviously didn't work out. So, Argentine-Mexican unions haven't been exactly successful in my life experience. But I do wish the best of luck to Chimichurri, an Argentine-Mexican restaurant that opened its doors yesterday in downtown SanTana, just next to the corner of Fourth Street and Broadway, across the street from Starbucks. Haven't had a chance to stop in, because I ate another great dinner at the Crosby nearby, but the pictures outside were solely of empanadas. Here's to hoping that the Mexican items on the menu exist solely to ensure Chimichurri's survival in the most-Mexican big city in America, and that we have another great Argentine spot to try. Details to come, but commentator field reports always welcome...

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