Bag full of habanero hot saucesEXPAND
Bag full of habanero hot sauces
Photo by The Mexican

Naugles Debuts Habanero Version of its Legendary Hot Sauce!

Y'all cannot get enough Naugles news, and neither can we! So here's the latest from its tacomancer, Christian Ziebarth: they're about to debut a habanero version of their legendary hot sauce. WHOA...

As I described it when Naugles was just a crazy idea in Ziebarth's mind, the original taco sauce was "thick,
sweet, a bit like Del Taco's Del Scorcho but with an actual scorch-o. Objectively, it's also great: would be like a Cal-Mex Sriracha." The habanero version keeps those essentials but adds a heat. But Ziebarth knows that the typical Naugles fan graduated from Eisenhower High in Rialto in the late 1980s, so he mitigates the heat: starts fiery, stays on you for a while to keep your palate honest, then retreats into the original sauce's charms.

Start asking for it this weekend. And also start bugging Ziebarth about whether Naugles can open up one Friday a month—asking for a friend...


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