Nancy Silverton's Seasonal Sprouts Recipe

I eat Brussels sprouts precisely once a year. On December 25, to be exact. I know they're good for me, with their fancy schmancy vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, fiber and sinigrin (the last two are believed to protect against colon cancer).

But, yet, despite their impressive credentials, I could take or leave them - and leave them I do.

Nonetheless, I'm sometimes tempted to try the ole sprouts-bacon-breadcrumbs combo, especially when the recipe comes from none other than Nancy Silverton, famed founder of LA's La Brea Bakery (and now co-owner of Osteria and Pizzeria Mozza).

Silverton, along with fellow celebrity chefs Cat Cora and Marcus Samuelsson, recently lent her name and recipes to the Signature Kitchen, a new upmarket open-plan café at Macy's Home Store in South Coast Plaza.

An unlikely setting for such a stellar cast, perhaps, but, judging from what we've tried, it's well thought-out, affordable fare, whether you're hankering for a simple grilled cheese sandwich (Silverton), a BBQ platter of pork, beef or smoked chicken (Cora) or a mini Kobe burger with truffle aioli, washed down with an addictive frozen chocolate custard milkshake (Samuelsson).

But back to the healthier stuff: the sprouts. Be sure to try the recipe soon, as they're out of season in the next few weeks. It's simple to follow, and although the poshest ingredient required is sherry vinegar, it's bound to impress your guests. Indeed, according to Silverton, one serving is never enough.

One thing's for sure - I never had 'em like this at Christmas.

For the recipe, which can also be found in the Great Gatherings: Star Chefs Entertain at Home cookbook, CLICK HERE.


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