Mozambique Peri Peri Opens in Newport Beach

OC's only South African restaurant has begat OC's only South African fast-casual eatery. Mozambique Peri Peri, the take-out little sister of Mozambique in Laguna Beach, is now open for business in Newport Beach's The Bluffs, joining Pei Wei, Freshii and Islands.

Their menu is quite extensive for a so-called casual restaurant, leaving almost no South African specialty unturned.  A Boerewors sausage is served as a sandwich inside a roll. There are curry bowls with Moroccan rice, samosas and "Maputo Platters" with a peri-peri chicken breast served with pineapple slaw, black eyed peas and mazavaroo fries, which are presumably coated with mazavaroo, the Mauritian chili paste made with, what else, peri peri peppers. They've also got roti wraps, described here as "an African burrito."

And if you're just accompanying someone with a more adventurous palate, they even offer a burger for those who just have to have one.

1332 Bison Ave., Newport Beach, 949-718-0956;

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