Decisions, decisions....
Decisions, decisions....

Mozambique Offering 'Safe Ride' Service To Guests with Pimp-Worthy Cars

One Christmas, we received a gift card for Mozambique in Laguna Beach, that South African fine-dining restaurant/reggae bar that old-timers still remember as the original Tortilla Flats. We enjoyed the dinner, but I usually don't give the place much thought--and then I accidentally clicked on an ad last week.

The ad redirected me to to their website, but instead of closing the window, something caught my eye. Advertised as A complimentary shuttle service within a 5-mile coastal radius, the first thing that popped in my mind was Designated Dave. And it's not just a fleet of minivans and Ford Tauruses they're advertising--look at that Bentley! Big pimpin'!

It's not really fully complimentary, though: when I inquired about Safe Ride, the reservationist  stated that I'd need to provide my address when booking. Pricing beyond the five-mile radius varied: for example, a ride back to the Tustin/Irvine area was a flat charge of twenty dollars, regardless of party size. If I get to choose between a GMC limo van, a Bentley, and a Suburban, I'm all about the B.

For tourists staying at one of the local resorts, this is an ideal dining package: upscale meal, live music, and a ride home in a pimped-out car. Of course, this could also double as a girls' night out, since nobody would have to remain sober.


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