Move Over, Hi-Time, Here Comes 7-Eleven

Robert Wilonsky at our sister publication, the Dallas Observer, broke the news today that 7-Eleven will be selling private-label wine in their stores starting next week.

That's right, folks. No longer will you have to suffer the slings and arrows of shops run by true oenophiles, like Hi-Time or the Wine Exchange. Instead, you can hop over to your local 7-Eleven and pick up a bottle of Yosemite Road brand table wine for just $3.99.

(In Québec, wine purchased from a convenience store, or dépanneur, is ironically called "cuvée dépanneur." Now we've got "Château Sept-Onze.")

Funny, one wonders if any other chains of stores in the area sell house brand wine for cheap prices, say $2 a bottle.

While there are way more 7-Elevens than Trader Joe's, it's likely that 7-Eleven's wine sales will collapse with a big plonk... but this would make an intriguing Dueling Dishes post, wouldn't it?

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