More Yogurtlands Coming

I've always thought that Orange County's been Yogurtland's turf. Case in point: The Pinkberry over at The District seems so eerily quiet while the lines at Yogurtland's original Irvine location are consistently and perennially long.

When they opened a new Tustin store, near Haveli on Newport Ave., even that location saw hordes of people.

Now there's one slated to open across from UCI* (which I am sure won't do anything to the lines anywhere else), and others including Tustin Marketplace and the Northwood neighborhood of Irvine.

What they need to do though, is open one up at the Irvine Spectrum, where Pinkberry seems to be doing well.

Let's settle it once and for all people: I want to see a fro-yo battle royale which ends in spilled, berry juice.

And yes, I'll be rooting for the home team.

*Special thanks to my source, who wants to remain anonymous for his own protection, for the picture and the tip!


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