Mood Indigo at the Crosby, Our Drink of the Week!

Mood Indigo at the Crosby, Our Drink of the Week!

I'm a Manhattan sort of guy, and that's the drink I always order at the Crosby. Their Manhattan is stiff, soothing, sweet, with the allure of the Kentucky hills and the sharpness of Gotham. But we're not talking about the Manhattan this week but rather one of the Crosby's specialty cocktails: the Mood Indigo.

I had never even paid attention to their cocktail list--nothing against the venue, of course, but I'm a Manhattan sort of guy! I knew that their jugs of sangria finish every night, but I should've taken a clue from my chica and try some of the Crosby's concoctions. So I drank a Manhattan (okay, two) and took a sip of her Mood Indigo.

Besides having a great name, the drink pops with lime and cranberry juice, vodka and fruit rum, and more than a few berries. It's as sweet as punch, but not cloyingly so, frou-frou but balls-kicking, with a punch that will eventually assert itself--think of it as more Nina Simone than Ella Fitzgerald.

But the secret weapon in this drink is the blueberries. Like the maraschino cherry in my beloved Manhattan, the blueberries in the Mood Indigo absorb all those juices and booze until they're left at the bottom of the chilly glass, bloated. Throw them in your mouth, and the drink is now concentrated, but sharper because of its new blueberry vessel. It won't shake my Manhattan yen, but boy, can you get hammered with this honey...


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