Mondolez: Kraft's New Name Makes For Good Jokes

Have you heard about Kraft Foods' new name? It's spinning off into two publicly traded companies. The one that sells Oscar Meyer and Miracle Whip is staying as Kraft; but the other arm that's responsible for Oreos, Trident Gum and Fig Newtons will now be known as Mondolez.


And that's not the first joke that it has inspired. It's supposed to be a combination of the Latin words for "world" and "delicious"; but some have pointed out that it sounds like it was inspired by Condoleezza Rice or worse, a term for oral sex in Russian.

The company reportedly solicited employee suggestions for this one, as well as consulted with an outside branding firm. Yet it somehow recalls the episode in The Simpsons when Homer's long-lost CEO half brother lets Homer design a car that ultimately ruins the company. "Mondolez" is not that bad...especially when it provides something to write about on slow food news days like this one and, hopefully, a lively discussion on comment boards.

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