Rare, please
Rare, please

Molten Lava: The Best Way to Sear Your Steaks

Alton Brown contends that the best way to cook your steak is to grill it directly on top of some coals, ash be damned. No other way will you get the maximum sear while keeping the center nice and red.

Well, I think humanity has found a better way: Grill your meat over some molten lava.

Northern California Man Robert Wysocki has spent a good chunk of his life making lava, and just this month decided to have himself a little cook out. Is it a little extravagent? Maybe, but so is sous vide-ing your steak to the perfect doneness before searing it traditionally.

So start saving up for a furnace, because Labor Day steak sales are coming up soon, and you know you want to try this.

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