Mobile Dairy Classroom Ignores La Palma, Cypress, and Why That Matters

It's cool that the Dairy Council of California is in the midst of an Orange County elementary school tour involving a Holstein cow and calf and lessons on how milk is made, but there's just one major oversight. The self-described "educational milking parlor on wheels" will visit kiddies in SanTana, Orange, Anaheim, and Buena Park, but whither Cypress and La Palma? After all, those two cities were the epicenter of the Orange County milking industry, so much so that each originally incorporated as Dairy City and Dairyland, respectively, during the 1950s in an effort to stave away creeping suburbia. So goes O.C. history, alas. Here's the rest of the schedule for you parents and cow fans out there:

Feb. 19 - Carl E. Gilbert Elementary (Buena Park)
Feb. 23 - Taft Elementary (Santa Ana)
Feb. 24 - Elizabeth Dickerson Elementary ( Buena Park)
Feb. 25 - Jordan Elementary (Orange)
Feb. 26 - Walker Elementary
Feb. 27 - Stoddard Elementary (Anaheim) And now, cow propaganda!


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