Mitsuwa's Kyushu & Okinawa Fair Is Happening This Weekend

Mitsuwa's Kyushu & Okinawa Fair Is Happening This Weekend
Michelle Woo/OC Weekly
Mitsuwa fairs seem to happen pretty frequently, but even so, they're always reason to drop all lunch and dinner plans and take on the parking-lot madness for a taste of whatever Japanese treats and delicacies they're serving. 

This time, it's the Kyusyu & Okinawa Fair, and it's happening at the Costa Mesa location from now until Sunday. Some special items on the list: Hakata Nagahama tonkotsu ramem in a rich, pork-bone soup, mackerel sushi wrapped in kelp, mentaiko (seasoned cod roe) and a pie crust filled with custard pudding for dessert. 

For me, the best part was the Ikinari dango (pictured), a Japanese snack I've been missing. Sweet red beans wrapped in mochi-like dango skin, then steamed to gooey perfection.  

More details on the fair here.

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Mitsuwa Marketplace

665 Paularino Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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