Mitsuwa's Hokkaido Fair Starts Thursday
Edwin Goei

Mitsuwa's Hokkaido Fair Starts Thursday

This is it. The Mitsuwa food fair you've been waiting for. There have been others throughout the year, but in my opinion, the Hokkaido Fair is the one. And perhaps the folks at Mitsuwa realize it, too, because for the first time that I've noticed, they've hired a PR person to send reminders to people like me, not that I wouldn't have written about it anyway (I always do).

And what's more, the PR person actually wrote up descriptions of the vendors and the food they'll serve with perfect grammar.

Here it is:

This year, Mitsuwa Marketplace will be offering customers an embarrassment of culinary riches courtesy of the northern region of Hokkaido in Japan.

The region is probable best known for its ramen. Mitsuwa will be selling ramen from Ezo Fukuro, considered a pioneer in certain noodle circles and the gold standard in steaming, brothy goodness.

If you are not familiar with Abeshoten Ikameshi, well you should be. In Japan, extravagant lunch boxes consisting of seasonal or local ingredients are sold at the train stations for the consumption of hungry commuters. Ikameshi is continuously ranked in the top 3 in Japan because of its compact size and relatively cheap price. The varieties at the Hokkaido Fair will put your feeble brown bag to shame.

Also back by popular demand this September is Ika Meshi of Abe Shoten, the popular squid stuffed with sweet rice and simmered in their secret sauce.

And Rakkyo will make their first appearance at the Hokkaido Fair with "Soup Curry". Juicy tomatoes are submerged with chicken, pork bones, dried bonito to create a luxuriously rich soup with perfectly added secret spices.

It starts Thursday and lasts till Sunday. For more info, CLICK HERE.

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