Mike Carona Food Quiz Time!

Mike Carona Food Quiz Time!

This comes from one of you, o hilarious, alert SAFIT readers. First person to guess where our disgraced, convicted-felon ex-sheriff was happily dining gets a copy of one of my books or a $25 gift certificate to said place! One restaurant per guess. Only clue: this is a much-classier place than the Ritz, where the shot of Carona with a mobster to our left took place and once hung from its walls. Now, the context:

Source: So I saw Carona eating at [RESTAURANT] along with one of his longtime supporters.

Me: Which one?

Source: I forget his name, but he's really big in the rich-people's scene. Anyways, they were happily dining. Isn't Carona going to be sentenced soon?

Me: Yep. So, was the supporter one of the guys who got a badge for his donations?

Source: Probably. Who DIDN'T get a badge under Carona?

Ain't that nice? Everyone: please report any O.C. celebrity food sightings to me at GArellano@ocweekly.com for contest purposes!


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