All that's missing is a tip jar.
All that's missing is a tip jar.
Kitima ABV Facebook page

Mick's Karma Bar Owner Opening Thai Beer Bar

When we interviewed Michael "Mick" Schepers for last week's On the Line, we hinted there was more in the works. Well, now we can discuss. The best thing that we can confirm about it so far-- it's literally around the corner from his existing bar.

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With the tentative name of Kitima ABV Beer Bar, he's not quite committing to a "gastropub" classification. . . yet. In fact, there have been multiple revisions of his upcoming menu, so just because we disclose anything doesn't mean it will be listed on Day One. We ain't promising Jack, but we'll roll with what little Michael's disclosed thus far.

per Schepers,

"Shortly we will be rebranding and reopening as a "Thai Beer Bar". "Our specialty", FIDEOS ALLA PLANCHA. This is a very strange "Thai Beer Bar" because we do not have any "naked ladies" and we sell "American craft beer" and some other stuff...."

So . . . . yeah.

His prospective menu will may vary between lunch and dinner, where midday patrons will could have a selection of bites that can might be prepared in a more timely manner. And one more disclaimer: Mick reminds us that, "...this is a bar, not a restaurant."

A freebie for beer drinkers: chile and lime roasted peanuts. Under the sharable options, those fideos (a noodle in both Spanish and Asian cuisine, similar to vermicelli). Oh, and the ABV? Perhaps an Asian Beer Venue. Hey, as long as they keep validating parking, we're there.

Kitima ABV Beer Bar (tentative name) will be at 2010 Main St, Ste 170; Irvine.

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