Michael Kors the Latest Celebrity to Give Love to In-N-Out

I'm almost thinking it's time for us at SaFII to create a new category: celebrities who mention they love In-N-Out in interviews that aren't about food. The latest? Celebrity fashion designer and Project Runway judge Michael Kors.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times

, Kors revealed his "dream designer collaboration"--the Irvine-based burger business.

"I want a deal with In-N-Out Burger--to do a special sauce or a wrapper," Kors told reporter Booth Moore. "I'm horseradish-obsessed!"

Would be nice if it happened, but In-N-Out is notoriously stodgy in its ways. Still, Kors' kind words start making up for the travesty that was Mando losing last season. . . .


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