Mexican Food Now Big in India!

What is a burrito if not a chapati wrapped around tandoori chicken?
What is a burrito if not a chapati wrapped around tandoori chicken?
Photo by Das Ubergeek

We all know that tacos are big in Sweden, that fish tacos have been big in Australia for nearly 40 years now, that Mexican restaurants are across Europe and even Japan.

Now comes word from India that Mexican food is Bangalore!

An Indian website called Daily News and Analysis just did a story on the phenomenon in India's hi-tech capital, interviewing the kitchen manager at the local Hard Rock Cafe (those still exist?) "The similarity between the spices is what makes the cuisine so popular," he said. "Some of their most popular snacks also work as great accompaniments when one is handing out with friends over drinks."

Of course, those of us here in California know that the subcontinent's love affair with Mexican food goes back generations. Last week, I wrote about the Paki-Mexi burrito over at Silver Spoon in Irvine. Years ago, there used to be a Mexican-Indian place in Anaheim, just across the street from the Indoor Swap Meet. Lazy American food critics have compared mole to curry since forever. Punjabi-Mexican families have been part of the Central and Imperial valleys for generations. And over a century ago, in San Francisco--oops! Have to leave that part for my book...

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