Mexican Coke: The Real Thing?

I don't drink Coke. It's brain-shockingly sweet, it rots your teeth and it's loaded with--ew--high-fructose corn syrup.

But Mexican Coke, that's different. It's the real thing, baby. Sweetened with cane sugar, not the artificial stuff, the Coca-Cola beverage made and bottled in Mexico, is, as some of its 31,000-plus Facebook fans tell it, "100 times better than American Coke," "sooo good once it hits your lips" and "what 'Coke' should be!!!!"

But a new study published in Time and reported by Gawker found that Mexican Coke might not be different from American Coke:

From the Gawker post: "Mexican Coke doesn't seem to contain the compound you find in cane sugar--sucrose. Instead, the bottles seemed to contain glucose and fructose, which show up in high-fructose corn syrup."


According to the report, a possible explanation for the lack of sucrose in the Mexican Coke samples studied is that the bottles were old and the sucrose had split into the other two compounds. The researchers also did not analyze enough bottles to come to a firm conclusion.

So hold on to that smugness, fellow Mexican Coke gulpers. For now. 


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