Meet The Cronut Creator's Newest Confection: Frozen S'mores

Meet The Cronut Creator's Newest Confection: Frozen S'mores

He's responsible for the dessert craze that has spawned epic lines, Harold and Kumar-level quests, black market scams and countless knockoffs across the world. But rather than simply bask in a sea of sugar-loaded glory, Cronut creator Dominique Ansel has moved on to his next innovation. Behold, the frozen s'more.

According to Refinery29, the gourmet confection "starts with a vanilla-custard ice cream center, is coated in chocolate feuilletine (light, crunchy cookie flakes), pressed into a gooey marshmallow cream, and then hit with a blowtorch for a crème-brûlée-style shell."

Watch this how-its-made video by the New Yorker. Then start planning your trip to New York City immediately.

Cronut, who?

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