Medieval Times Sword Shard Allegedly Blinds Honeymooning Man

Medieval Times Sword Shard Allegedly Blinds Honeymooning Man

So a South Dakota man and his new wife went honeymooning in Orange County and found themselves in the front row of Medieval Times in Buena Park. The festivities commence, and as the swords clang, a piece of metal allegedly flew off and hit Dustin Wiseman, 37, in the left eye. The man has reportedly gone through three surgeries since and has been rendered legally blind in that eye, according to their lawyer. 
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Now he's suing Medieval Times for $10 million, alleging that the popular dinner theater failed to take proper precautions to protects its patrons, and furthermore ruined the couple's 2011 honeymoon trip. 

"The only thing they actually did was go to the beach, then go to Medieval Times and go to the hospital," said their attorney, Jason Fowler. 

It must be assumed that they bought the commemorative photo before the incident.

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