McDonald's Video Reveals How To Make a Big Mac at Home

So continues with the McDonald's full disclosure marathon. A few weeks ago the company put out a video showing why the pictures of the burgers never look like what's served (Surprise! It styles the sandwiches and then Photoshops out any imperfections).

Now Dan Coudreaut, McDonald's executive chef, (yes, it has one), reveals how to make a Big Mac at home. He even addresses what's in the "secret sauce," which was the question from a customer that prompted the whole video in the first place.

Is it a really big reveal? Not as much as you think. The "secret" sauce ingredients has been available on the internet and in the stores for years, he says. But seriously, in this day and age have you really been wondering what's in that sauce (FYI: it's mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, yellow mustard, white wine vinegar, garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika), and have you really been in love with it so much you've actually wanted to make it yourself? 

On the rest of the video, the chef proceeds to create "a version of the big mac with ingredients that are similar that you could buy at your local grocery store," complete with those thin as CDs beef patties. 

So now you know! You know how to make one of the most successful yet arguably the lowest common denominator burger in history.


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