McDonald's Manager Throws Hot Oil At Customer's Face

This must be bizarre-stories-of-violence-in-fast-food-restaurants month. There was the story about a woman being Tased after line cutting at McDonald's. Earlier this afternoon, Gustavo blogged on the machete attack at a Taco Bell in Guam. Now there's news that a manager at a McDonald's in Australia has thrown hot oil on an allegedly drunk customer who threatened to kill him.

According to the Wentworth Courier, the incident occurred at 3:30 a.m. on Friday in Sydney's King Cross section. The paper says the manager allegedly warned the man, "If you come over the counter, I'll throw oil on you."

When the man allegedly did, the manager allegedly threw the oil at the victim's face. The victim was transported to the hospital with burns to his face, chest, torso and arms.

So far, no charges were filed against the manager as authorities try to determine whether he acted in self defense.

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