McDonald's Explains Why Its Burgers Never Look As Good As The Picture

McDonald's Explains Why Its Burgers Never Look As Good As The Picture

Remember the scene in the film Falling Down where Michael Douglas, already at the end of his rope, walks into a McDonald's-like joint to order a meal?

What happens next addressed in the extreme two of the most common frustrations of the American fast-food customer:

1) When you miss the breakfast hours by a few minutes, why are they so strict on not giving it to you?


2) Why don't fast food burgers ever look the way it does on the menu boards and advertisements?

On the second point, the answer, of course, has always been because the food is primped and styled for photos. There are few educated adults who don't know this fact of fast food life--that what you see is usually not what you get.

But now McDonald's has actually taken on the second question head on in a carefully massaged video with a pretty Canadian (it's how she says "about") as the amiable company representative. The clip, which debuted this week on YouTube, has since become a viral hit. 

Though I doubt it would appease Angry Michael Douglas, you can watch it below for yourself. Just put the Uzi down first, will ya?

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