McDonald's And Starbucks To Get Greener With Coffee Cups
Starbucks/Kathryn Barnard

McDonald's And Starbucks To Get Greener With Coffee Cups

There's a bit of news that came one after this week regarding how two of the biggest coffee drink purveyors, McDonald's and Starbucks, are both rethinking the way they serve coffee.

MSNBC reports that McDonald's is trying out new, more easily recyclable paper coffee cups in about 2,000 of its stores replacing those polystyrene ones. This accounts for only about 15% of its restaurants.

A spokesperson for the company told that "The objective of this test is to assess customer acceptance, operational impact and overall performance."

But Ronald is still behind Buckies, which--as you may already know from the macchiato you're probably sipping as you read this--has been using paper cups for years. The problem is that more often than not, those cups end up in the trash. Only a fraction of Starbucks stores actually have recycling bins for customer use. This is largely due to how each landlord handles waste and recycling, but also whether that particular community has the infrastructure to handle Starbucks' cups.

As our sister blog Squid Ink wrote yesterday, Starbucks is out to change this. It has a noble goal of getting 100 percent of its cups recyclable or reusable by 2015.

Hear that Ronald? You have some catching up to do.

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