Marmalade Cafe Opens At The District Today

You might remember that I wrote about Marmalade Cafe's expected Spring opening date back in December. And here were are: It's barely spring, and lo and behold, they're open! 

Honestly, I've never seen a restaurant promise a debut date and actually deliver. It's kind of a small miracle, and perhaps a good sign that the folks at Marmalade might actually know what they're doing.  

If you are reading this in the early morning of Tuesday, March 10th, you can have breakfast there in a few hours. The doors open at 7:30 AM. 

What's on the menu? Well, see for yourself! CLICK HERE

And for seniors (or just good ol' cheapskates or the recently unemployed), they've got an "Early Show"** dinner, a three-course dinner for $14.95 if you can get there between 4-6 PM. 

2667 Park Ave, Tustin, CA 92782, (714) 566-0100

**Reader Jumpcut has wisely pointed out that the "Early Show" dinners seem to only be available at certain locations, and that for now, it doesn't include Tustin.


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