Mark Your Calendars: Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day April 9!

Mark Your Calendars: Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day April 9!

It's that time again. When the days are longer, and the sugar shoppes lure you in with free scoopage. Although with Ben & Jerry, it has to do with a whole lot more. Without loyal fans, their ice cream empire would not be what it is today. Or as Ben says, "Business has a responsibility to give to the community from which it draws support."

Serving over a million cones around the world to celebrate their anniversary, newer flavors include Candy Bar Pie and Liz Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt.The Vermont boys invite kids of all ages to "Cone Together" and have some dessert.

Set your reminder for Tuesday, April 9 and your GPS to either The District at Tustin Legacy or Carson Street in Long Beach. If you're thorough enough, you'll even have tip money ready.

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