Marche Moderne's $75 Christmas Eve Dinner

Okay, so maybe now -- just days after the National Bureau of Economic Research officially declared we are eyebrow-deep in recession -- isn't the best time to talk about a $75 per person Christmas Eve feast at the ritziest of French restaurants, located on the highest wing of South Coast Plaza called "The Penthouse". 

But who's even heard of the National Bureau of Economic Research before this week anyway? On the other hand, you should already know about Marche Moderne, hailed by many, including us, as the best French restaurant in O.C. 

What do you get for $75 (excluding tax and tip)? A five-course extravaganza that includes ingredients you've never heard of, like "vinaigrette Pedro Jimenez". 

Who is Pedro Jimenez and what's he doing making vinaigrette? 

Take a look at their full menu after the jump.

"Marché Moderne Vous Souhaite un Joyeux Noël"


Christmas Eve Dinner

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Five Course Tasting Menu


Amuse Bouche

"Chestnut cappuccino, in-house cured venison salami crostini"


First Course

(please choose one)

Mini risotto of assorted fresh crab, Alaskan King, Maine Dungeness, Peekie Toe
jus de clam beurré, 
brunoise de legumes


Petit cones of poki hamachi and tuna "parfumé au soja", ginger and green tea ice cream


 "Canard et foie gras en croute 2007"

Warm duck pâté and foie gras en croûte, sauce Porto a l'échalote

Six oysters on the half shell

 Baby lettuce, wild roquette, shaved Asiago cheese,

Pomegranate and cinnamon scented vinaigrette, honey roasted pecans, julienne apples


Second Course


Buratta and zucchini blossom beignet, one langoustine roasted in lemon oil,

lightly spiced roasted pepper
White miso crusted black cod  "pot au feu de foie gras frais"


Third Course


Roti of prime ribeye carpaccio, lemon-truffle-Reggiano salad,

smoked Himalayan salt, galette de pommes de terre  

Roasted duck breast, chestnut, endive, porcini, vinaigrette Pedro Jimenez


Selection de Fromage du Jour (optional: $15 supplement)



(please choose one)


Fleur d'oranger brioche Tropeziènne, yogurt honey-lavender ice cream

Valrhona Chocolate tarte, chestnut-marron glacé gelato


Assorted sorbet and warm lemon Madeleine


Menu subject to change


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