Deny deny deny
Deny deny deny
Dave Lieberman

Man Sues Cha Cha's in Brea For Discrimination Over "Señorita Thursday", Fails Miserably

So this guy walks into a bar . . . Actually, it was Cha Cha's Latin Kitchen in Brea. So this guy walked into Cha Cha's during Señorita Night and wasn't treated like a señorita. Wait, that came out wrong. Basically, he was denied the same specials being offered to the ladies. That's what he told California Superior Court. Cha Cha's called bullshit.

One Steve Frye claimed (on two separate occasions in January and May of last year) that he was the victim of sexual discrimination when requesting the food and beverage offers made available to female clientele during the restaurant's themed night. However, attorneys for the establishment state Frye was the one who opted out when he declined their offer to serve the Thursday specials to him. Twice.

After a four day trial, jurors were convinced that Frye's accusations were false. They sided with P & D Restaurant Concepts, shooting down his $4,000 compensation request. In addition, it was discovered that Steve Frey had filed no less than 40 other lawsuits over similar allegations. Better luck next time...not!

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