Man Creates Oreo Shotgun!

Man Creates Oreo Shotgun!

What happens when a slingshot hobbyist and YouTube video maker named Joerg Sprav--who has the accent and diabolical cackle of a James Bond villain--takes on the Oreo separation challenge that Nabisco commissioned a few scientists and inventors to undertake as projects a few weeks ago?

Awesomeness, that's what!

Besides that, after the first wonderful inaugural video the company commissioned, the next few in the series became more boring to watch than waiting for an Oreo cookie to soak up a glass of milk.

In this unsolicited video, Spray doesn't actually answer the challenge of separating the Oreo so much as he just weaponized the cookie and the cream. He's constructed a slingshot shotgun which can hold up to 14 cookies at a time and shoot them to make Oreo-shaped holes in things, like the Amazon box the Oreos came in (why he needed to have a box of Oreo cookies shipped to him is something I'll ask another day).

This goes to show that in the YouTube Age, the greatest inventions are not spurred by necessity or corporate sponsorships, but the "I can do better than that" gene.

Watch it below.

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