Man Arrested for Allegedly Using McDonald's Fries As A "Dangerous Weapon" Against 11-Year-Old Step-Daughter

Taco Bell customers aren't the only fast-food restaurant patrons that get on the news for behaving badly. The Smoking Gun obtained a police report that a 26-year-old man in Massachusetts has been arrested for "assault and battery with a dangerous weapon." The weapon? McDonald's fries.

After going through a Golden Arches drive-thru and on their way home, the suspect got into a heated argument with his wife. The suspect's 11-year-old step-daughter tried to interject, reportedly to stop the fight. This angered the suspect, James Hackett, who then allegedly threw the fries that were described in the police report as "hot and oily" at the child's face and chest.

The report continues to say that although the child "did not sustain any injuries, the heat of the oil could cause burning to skin and eyes."

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