Makino Seafood Buffet Now Open Near John Wayne Airport

I've been checking on the progress of Makino Seafood Buffet for weeks. But this week, there seemed to have been more activity than I've ever observed. The sign went up sometime on Tuesday and yesterday, it opened.

It's named after its creator, Kaku Makino, the restaurateur who is responsible for a little seafood and sushi buffet empire called Todai. When he went out to start Makino, he did it in Vegas, the land of buffets.

Now a success with two branches there, he's betting to continue his winning streak at the long-vacant space near John Wayne airport next to Agora Churrascaria, a building that used to house a failed Chinese seafood restaurant. Will he triumph in OC when so many other sushi buffets like Sumo have failed? If I were a betting man and this was Vegas, I'd wager "yes."

Makino Seafood Buffet is located at 1818 Main St Irvine, CA 92614.

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