Mad Meat Men: Come Eat Our (Boar) Meat

Occasionally, and as a direct result of an OSHA investigation, the management of this blog unchains me and gives me a few hours of liberty; I like to spend it with a group of carnivores known as the Mad Meat Men.

A little while back, eight of us went in on an entire boar from Da-Le Ranch in Lake Elsinore, and it's time to make a little room in the freezer; we're having a boar feast this Sunday at 6 p.m. at Picnics Kitchen in Costa Mesa.

The menu's a little all over the place, because we all picked a dish we wanted to make. I've smoked some boar hocks and I'm going to be making a big pot of hardy (and hearty) greens with the smoked pork, Southern-style.

Michael Harris will be making a boar Scotch egg with persimmon chutney and a microgreen salad; Jason Coulston will be making a blue cheese and boar belly confit tart with green apple salad; David Kim is offering boar potstickers, boar-perilla tempura, and boar char siu bao; Anaïs Tangie (the Mad Meat Men's official manager) will take care of dessert with a persimmon pudding with honey-almond brittle and bacon bits. Carlos Salgado of Taco María hasn't made up his mind yet what he's cooking, but it'll either be pozole verde or chile verde.

Julie Lim of OC Wine Mart will be offering a wine pairing; tickets for the whole shebang are $40 to sit in the front dining room, $50 to sit in the kitchen and mock us raucously. Wine pairing--one for each course--is an extra $20 (you must be 21, patati patata). Buy your tickets here. Get all the details at the event's Facebook page.

Picnics Kitchen is located at 435 E. 17th St. #7, Costa Mesa; (949) 478-4857;

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