Welcome to the neighborhood!
Welcome to the neighborhood!
Bella Terra

Luna Rossa Moving Into Bella Terra Neighborhood

To add to Edwin's list of upcoming Surf City eateries, we've found yet another. And hey, look: it's Italian!

Across from The Cheesecake Factory, one Luna Rossa Ristorante is in high gear, working to be ready for the public in the next few weeks. We inquired with a Bella Terra social media contact for more intel.

They are coining themselves a family-owned restaurant chain, featuring modern, innovative Italian cuisine in a vibrant, cosmopolitan environment. Specialties will include thin crust pizzas, daily homemade pastas, mesquite-grilled fresh fish, spit-roasted meats and fowl, and much more. Plus, there's going to be a glorious selection of desserts.

This sounds tasty and all, but can they perhaps do more about the parking situation?

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