Lopez & Lefty's Opens: Craft Beer Bar Near Angel Stadium

Lopez & Lefty's Opens: Craft Beer Bar Near Angel Stadium

Remember the old Throwbacks, that stood on the I-5 frontage road just north of Katella? Well, if you're an Angels fan you probably do, because it was renowned for its $10 special: a crappy beer, a crappy hot dog, and a ride to and from the stadium for the game on a beat-up old school bus. Given that the game parking is $8 all by itself, though, this was an outstanding deal, regardless of the warm piss they served in the guise of beer.

Well, Throwbacks gone now, replaced by Lopez & Lefty's Sports Cantina.

The interior, which used to give Goat Hill a run for its divey money, has been upscaled, a second bar has been added, and both the beer selection and the kitchen menu have been updated. There's a tap stack made up mostly of craft beers, and Mexican-sort-of appetizers and bar foods. They've got a full license, too, though the cocktails seemed to skew sweet and vodka-y (why is there vodka in a tequila drink?).

Still, though: you can sit on the seats without catching anything and have a craft beer before the game. No word, though, on whether they'll revive the old game bus. That'd be a knockout for sure.

Lopez & Lefty's is at 1759 S. Claudina Way, Anaheim, (714) 300-0000

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