Long Beach Peach at Tequila Jack's
Jessica Ford

Long Beach Peach at Tequila Jack's

Most come to Tequila Jack's for their more than 100 imported tequilas, but when you're done singing, "1 tequila...2 tequila...3 tequila...Floor," switch to the Jack's Favorites drink list. That's where you will find the Long Beach Peach--and your server will likely give you the same warning--it's their strongest mixed drink.

Although the Long Beach Peach may come with a message of caution, there's no need to be alarmed. We are all looking to get our money's worth these days anyway, right?

It's made with Stoli peach vodka, Bols peach schnapps, sweet and sour mix, and peach puree, and happens to taste just like peach iced tea. The fresh, sweet peach puree masks all hints of a bite from the vodka and probably tastes a little too much like tea--hence the warning from our server.

It may not be as exciting to drink as a shot of tequila followed by a lime wedge, but it's refreshing and less likely to leave you wondering where your clothes went.

Tequila Jack's, 407 Shoreline Village Dr., Long Beach, (562) 628-0454; www.tequilajacks.com.


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