Grillin' like a villain...or somethingEXPAND
Grillin' like a villain...or something
Photos by The Mexican

Lola Gaspar Now Offering an Outside BBQ Brunch Every Sunday! Using Mesquite!

Last Sunday, the chica and I wanted to take some friends to Lola Gaspar and get shit-faced. But we were locked out by the brothers Perez, Eddie and Luis. Seems they were getting ready to debut a new Sunday brunch special: outdoor BBQ.

That was cool enough. But then the distinct scent of mesquite filled the air. Did I somehow enter a worm hole and was now in Baja? Even better: the grill master was busy burning down logs of the tree so Lola's could 'cue with it. HELL YA!!!!

Eddie (left) and Luis, with bemused mero mero manning the grillEXPAND
Eddie (left) and Luis, with bemused mero mero manning the grill

Throughout the summer, Lola Gaspar will offer a BBQ brunch every Sunday. On the menu: corn on the cob, a decadent $7 quarter-pounder with cheese, a weekly sausage (Spanish this past Sunday; merguez next week), Argentine-style skirt steak, some prawns and more...that I forgot because I was too busy pounding piña coladas. Booze, meat, smoke, and a patio—what else do you need on a Sunday afternoon? Oh, and '70s country—LOTS of '70s country. GO GO GO!

Lola Gaspar, 211 W. Second St., Santa Ana, (714) 972-1172;


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