Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot Planned For Irvine

Yesterday we talked about how Class 302, the Rowland Heights staple for shaved snow, was planning a store in Irvine. Today, we talk about Little Sheep, which is to Mongolian hot pot what McDonald's is to burgers (and I mean that in the world-conquering sense, not a dig on its quality). 


It originated in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China and has grown to over 300 locations that spans the globe, with restaurants in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, and over a half dozen already operating in the US. The store in Hacienda Heights has so far been the closest one to OC, if you don't count the one in San Diego.

Now, Little Sheep is planning its first Orange County restaurant in Irvine at the sprawling complex at Culver and Irvine Center that has already has a Chinese flavor with 99 Ranch as the anchor. We look forward to it and all the esophagus searing spices it will bring...a burn that shaved snow at Class 302 seems predestined to follow.

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