Lil' Cowboy Stout at Newport Beach Brewing Co., Our Drink of the Week!
Photo by Charisma Madarang

Lil' Cowboy Stout at Newport Beach Brewing Co., Our Drink of the Week!

Shock Top drinkers and Corona die-hards often complain that stouts are simply too heavy for their delicate palates. Luckily, the Newport Beach Brewing Co. has a stout to ease newbs into this delicious territory. One of the grandaddys of OC's brewpub scene, Brew Co. is a cozy little spot along the Newport Peninsula filled with coastal accoutrements: surfboards, big screens to satiate Super Bowl fiends, wall art featuring Hawaiian babes straddling palm trees. Upon closer inspection of its colorful chalkboard of featured beers, you'll see the Lil' Cowboy Stout with "NITRO" scrawled next to it--perfect for the Corona crowd and lovers of stout alike. 

Pause, quick brew lesson. CO2 is used to drive beer from the keg to the tap. When your bartender says a beer is on "Nitro," they're letting you know that nitrogen is mixed in with the CO2 (usually 72% to 25%) and as a result, the nitrogen artificially displaces the CO2 to create a thick head and smooth texture. That's how it is with Lil' Cowboy, which features a tight foamy head and particularly flat taste. The flatness and relatively low IBU compared to most stouts make the Lil' Cowboy the perfect intro beer for newcomers.

While the drink carries a mild chai-like kick, the flavors are light and low in bitterness with a subtle chocolate aroma. And come on: who doesn't like chocolate?

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