Del Taco burrito off the 405!!!
Del Taco burrito off the 405!!!

Let Us Now Praise Del Taco's Bean-and-Cheese Burritos

The Weekly World Headquarters is at a culinarily fortuitous place--near the LAB and CAMP holdings, not that far away from Rick's Atomic Cafe, basically across the street from Wafu of Japan, and so on. But when I need a quick bite--when I'm not going to meet a source or have a pep talk with a staffer--I find myself walking down Red Hill toward Del Taco for a simple-yet-filling-and-magnificent bean-and-cheese burrito.
Let's admit it, folks: Its simple burrito--not something mucked up with guac or beef or sour cream, just beans, melted yellow cheese, and red or green sauce--is as brilliantly Mexi as Zapata. It reminds me of the burritos I grew up with: just a flour tortilla, beans redolent of the refried tang, the creaminess of the cheese . . . and that's it. The sauce? Nothing more than a slight pique of the senses. Meat? Nah. Tortilla? Just the vessel for something filling, something comforting. Del Taco should make a special so that all itl'll cost you is a buck after tax, but what are you going to do. . . .

In the meanwhile: Del Taco's bean-and-cheese burrito, the ultimate fast food, done in about a minute, about $1.07 and worth not only every penny, but also more. Love 'em, and never leave them in a pinch--POUND SAND, TACO BELL!!!

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