Lessons on Naming Your Frozen Yogurt Shop
Edwin Goei

Lessons on Naming Your Frozen Yogurt Shop

So now that we've compiled a formidable list of yogurt shop sightings (thanks to y'all) what have we learned and observed?

First, when naming your yogurt shop, it doesn't hurt to follow the leader. Pinkberry is arguably the one that started the craze, so if you want to play it safe, try cribbing it by using some variation of "berry" (BerrySwirl, Berry Cool, Passion Berry).

And in this game, misspelling is not going to make you look stupid; it actually makes you sound cool and adds character (Modeberi).

Or if you're daring, opt for other fruits (Cantaloop). And if possible, add exclamation points (Go Bananaz!!). To cover whole gamut, use the word "fruit" itself (Tutti Frutti).

Want to be unambiguous of your wares? Stick a place name after the word "Yogurt". Bar, Cafe, Factory, Farm, Town. "Land", as you know, is already taken.

Other nouns, adjectives, adverbs can promise customers a delightful, fun, flavorful experience that will satisfy their cravings (Yogurt Delights, Yogurt Fun, Yogurt Flavors, Yogurt Cravings).

An exclamation point wouldn't be out place here either (Yogurt Mania!).

Heck, why not invent new adjectives (Flavory Yogurt).

But wait. What if you want to communicate the fact that you offer free WiFi? Well, put an "i" in front of "Yogurt", of course! (iYogurt Cafe).

If you think everything up to this point is too bourgeois, opt for classiness: name it so that it sounds foreign (Frucci, Joghurt, Yogurt d'Italia, Yogen Früz).

And if someone's already claimed your chosen yogurt shop name? Add a letter. (Swirl, Swirls, Swirlz).

With the lessons I've learned from this project, I already know of the perfect title for my soon-to-be-opened yogurt shop. Hold on to your hats and glasses, because here it is:  iBerry Tasti FrüGurtz Universe!!!

Notice the three exclamation points.


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