Proximamente, en Anaheim.
Proximamente, en Anaheim.
Legends Beer

Legends Brewery To Open In Anaheim

Legends Brewing has secured a space in east Anaheim and applied to transfer their beer manufacturers' license, according to ABC records. The space is located at 1301 S. Lewis St., just down the street from The Ranch restaurant and almost exactly halfway between Anaheim Brewery and Noble Ale Works. It will contain a working brewery and, eventually, a tasting room.

Owner Jay Talley has posted pictures of the space, which is currently an empty warehouse, on their Facebook page. Currently, they their beers, an American lager at 5.5 and a double IPA, come out of an industrial space in Costa Mesa, near the airport, which means it's only available for purchase at beer bars and liquor stores.

Between Legends and the Bruery's second brewery, this will make a dozen or more beer breweries within 15 minutes' drive of downtown Anaheim. Quick, someone go borrow some of those surreys (the covered four-passenger bicycles) from Santa Barbara so we can have a bicycle beer crawl.

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