Lee's Sandwiches Sells Its Coffee At Costco

Lee's Sandwiches Sells Its Coffee At Costco
Edwin Goei

I was surprised to see the familiar Lee's Sandwiches logo at Costco this weekend. Two gents were giving out samples and hawking cà phê sữa đá, Vietnamese iced coffee. But apparently, according to their Facebook page, they've been doing these roadshows since the summer. On offer were six pack of bottles for $15.99, each bottle constituting 3 servings.

Since their product doesn't last much longer at Costco than their weekend-long demos, you figure that Lee's isn't really trying to permanently displace Starbucks' bottled Frappucinos from Costco shelves. Rather, it seemed more like a good way to get the Lee's name out there, to entice those who may not yet know the brand with a gateway drug that can get them in the door.

I heard one of them say to a guest, "I must warn you sir: once you taste this, you'll get hooked!"

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