Latest, Greatest Self-Stirring Electric Pot Debuts

Latest, Greatest Self-Stirring Electric Pot Debuts

A couple of years ago, Hammacher Schlemmer made a stir (pardon the pun) with a self-stirring drinking cup that led to its stock selling out fast. The New York-based company is at it again with a self-stirring electric pot, thereby freeing cooks from millennia of spatula tyranny.

"This is the electric cooker that automatically stirs ingredients, leaving you free to prepare other parts of the meal," the website exclaims. "A spatula integrated into the bottom of the pot rotates autonomously as food cooks, mixing ingredients and lifting bits of food that would otherwise stick and burn." You can even set speeds--want to stir-fry instead of merely mixing a soup? There's a speed for that. But what about mole???

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