Last Week For Peaches

It's a happy coincidence that the latest-ripening peaches in all America are grown just an hour or so north of these fair orange acres, on the north face of the San Gabriel Mountains, at Tenerelli Farms in Littlerock, south of Palmdale.

Something about the microclimate there--it remains colder later than other peach-growing regions in California--means that fresh, tree-ripe peaches are available right into November. (If you're reading this from Minneapolis, pardon us while we haw-haw.)

Sadly, though, all good things must come to an end, and the Autumn Lady yellow peaches from Tenerellis will end their year's run this week. The Tenerellis sell at many markets, including the UC Irvine Saturday market and the Newport Beach Sunday market, so head on over before they're gone for another seven months.


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