We're going to need a bigger boat.
We're going to need a bigger boat.

Laguna Beach's House of Big Fish Resurrected as Big Fish Tavern

Laguna Beach's The House of Big Fish and Ice Cold Beer--the restaurant with a mouthful of words for a name and a slew of awards from us including Best Happy Hour 2011 and Best Seafood Restaurant 2010--closed last month when its owner, Casa Resorts, decided it was was going to focus on its hotel properties.

But Big Fish lives on. Jim Walker and Louie Feinstein, owners of The Bungalow restaurant in Corona del Mar, have taken it over and last weekend it was officially resurrected as Big Fish Tavern.

The menu is still full of seafood. Fish and chips, clam chowder, lobster mac and cheese; but also pho in a veggie broth and chowder fries. And, of course, beer, which should probably still be just as "ice cold."

Big Fish Tavern has not only taken over the physical space of the old restaurant, but the old restaurant's Facebook and website now redirects to the new sites.

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